Well hello there! So, yesterday we had our first ever company meeting and a photoshoot of the team to add to a new customer brochure that we are creating! Hopefully this will get our company more in the public eye as our company grows more and more!

The meeting was very insightful and we discussed new ways in which we can better our service and efficiency, our environmental practise and broaden our horizons for marketing. We hope to be getting involved with more specialist types of electrical and alarm installations and playing more of an active role in our community with regards to charitable work and donation.

The photoshoot proved to be a somewhat ‘manic’ success with the maturity levels of some of our employees! however it was all fun and games and we managed to get a brilliant photo in the end for our brochure!

Be sure to keep up to date with the progress we are making and look out for our new brochures and case studies which will hopefully be published on this very site, very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Toni (admin).